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A Proposal for Thoughtful Living



When considering building a house, you have an opportunity to consider what kind of lifestyle you want there. Even in a family living together under the same roof, each person has different ideas about the architecture, the future, work, hobbies, language, education, etc., as well as the accompanying lifestyle. At Sugico, we provide solutions to a variety of problems, and propose suggestions to enrich your lifestyle.



We just celebrated our 10th anniversary at Sugico.

Since we first established our company, we have never discriminated against projects, regardless of size, be it new construction, remodelling, or renovation, nor do we have a set style for our interior or exterior design. That is because our emphasis is not simply on design. We have a library of proposals suited to our customer so the possibilities are endless.

Our customers’ houses are not artworks, they are living spaces.

We are not a company selling boxes called “buildings”, nor are we a company just decorating boxes.

It is our job to help you start living a lifestyle that is suited to each member of your family.



Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, quiet, comfortable, surrounded by peace of mind – these are standard qualities in our homes. From there we can go on to discuss cool visual appeal and a stylish interior. Unlike store interiors, which are renovated every few years and emphasize cost reduction, houses are generally only renovated or remodelled once or twice in a lifetime.



Therefore, one of the distinctive features of Sugico is the number and length of our consultations.

In our first meeting, we will discuss your requests and make an outline for the plan and costs. A rough estimate for a renovation is approximately ¥100,000 per square meter.

From the second consultation we will explain the invisible components of your project, performance after completion, and discuss your lifestyle.

Then at that point, if the plan matches your budget, we can move on to the contract, and in the case of a renovation, we will meet up to 10 times as we discuss the plan and look over materials.



We work to bring architecture and lifestyle together while eliminating any potential problems as we discuss things that may seem to be unrelated to architecture, such as what time you come home from work, your hobbies, childcare, and your internet needs. We also put a great deal of thought into other things you do not normally pay attention to like the height of light switches and tables, efficiency of household chores, and the flow of the breeze through a building.



Because so much thought goes into building our homes, it is well worth it for you to make the extra time to talk with us about your future.



Areas of Operation

Owariasahi City, Nagoya City (Moriyama Ward, Meito Ward, Chikusa Ward, Showa Ward, Midori Ward, Tenpaku Ward, Naka Ward, Higashi Ward, Kita Ward, Nishi Ward), Seto City, Kasugai City, Nagakute City, Nisshin City